Ethics class for robots

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Words by Tommaso Lecca, in Groningen

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Professionals and academics urge for a deeper focus on ethical issues regarding artificial intelligence (AI). Increasing concerns are arising about robots’ behaviour and the way they will soon influence people’s lives. For example, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced earlier this week that he’s launching a startup called Neuralink. The declared aim is finding a way to merge human brains with computers to avoid human intelligence being overtaken by artificial devices. Continue reading “Ethics class for robots”


The Spoke Radio Live Broadcast – Podcast


At 11am (UTC+1) on Thursday 22nd December, The Spoke broadcasted LIVE on radio, directly from a studio in Groningen!

If you want listening to my segment, please go to minute 50.30

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Night of the Guitars

The Night of the Guitars is a one-night music festival where musicians are invited to play cover songs by the most popular artists worldwide. I met two of the organizers–Peter and Everhard–to understand why this event has become so popular over the last ten years.
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The story of a man addicted to people

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The story of a man addicted to people

By Tommaso Lecca

After leaving a park, two friends were walking on a quiet street on the Asian side of Istanbul. All of a sudden, they saw a bunch of people running towards them wearing gas masks. More surprised than scared, the two men could only watch in surprise until the Turkish Army fired tear gas into the sky. Their eyes started tearing and burning. They took shelter in a restaurant, but Berto’s idea to wash the tears away with fresh water was the wrong move. While his eyes were blazing even more than before, his Italian buddy Emanuele was shouting “I’ll never travel again with you! Every time that we are together, I find myself in trouble!” Continue reading “The story of a man addicted to people”